My Quilt Bucket List

I've decided that my legacy will be the quilts I leave behind. I plan to make a bed quilt for each of my four children. I would like to make quilts for each grandchild too. I only have one right now, so that will be a piece of cake. In addition, there are several quilts that I absolutely love and want to make.

Dear Jane 

This quilt is unbelievable! It would be a serious lifetime achievement to complete a Dear Jane. 

Double Wedding Ring

This quilt pattern always reminds me of my Grandmother Pearce. She was a wonderful quilter and used feedsacks to make some of her quilts. It will be challenging, but I would love to make one. 

Sister's Choice

I would definitely make this a scrappy quilt. It looks so warm and inviting. I bet one of my sons would like this.

Grandmother's Flower Garden

I love 1930s repro quilts. The feedsack fabrics are so cute! The hexagons will definitely be a challenge for me. 

Baltimore Halloween

My youngest daughter was born on Halloween, so this would be a gift for her. 

Baltimore Autumn

My favorite season! I just love the colors and smells of autumn. 

Handi Quilter Simply 16

I have always dreamed of owning a longarm machine and frame. Unfortunately, most of them are unattainable due to the high cost and floor space required for setup. However, I just discovered the the Handi Quilter Simply 16 and although it's still expensive ($6,000) it's more affordable than most and the frame is small enough to fit in my sewing room. Instead of loading the entire quilt on the frame, you can load and quilt it in sections.    

Favorite Fabrics

I really need to win the lottery! These are just a few of my favorite fabric lines...

Current Projects

Over the past year I haven't been able to use my sewing room for various reasons, but I'm finally back at it again. This is a bridal shower wallhanging that was supposed to be done 2 years ago. I was going to give it to my daughter and her husband on their first anniversary. Better late than never I guess.

Apricot & Persimmon

A few years ago I bought some newsprint fabric because I really liked it, so I set it aside for a future project. Recently I came across these Apricot & Persimmon jelly rolls and knew they would go well with the newsprint. I couldn't find a wallhanging pattern that I liked so I decided to design it myself. I'm basically designing it as I go. So far I like how it's turning out. 

My Sewing Room

This is a pano of my "just cleaned" sewing room. This room is supposed to be the family room. When my kids were younger we homeschooled and used it for our school room. A few years ago I commandeered it for my sewing room. The counter in the foreground is an actual cutting table from a local JoAnn store. Years ago, when JoAnn remodeled, a local business purchased it for their cashier counter. We knew the owners and when they went out of business my husband bought it for me. It has a huge cutting surface and has tons of storage underneath. I LOVE it! I am very fortunate to have a husband who supports my passion.

My main machine, Viking Opal 690Q <3

My Singer Featherweights

This beautiful pink machine is Bubbles. She was a birthday gift from my husband. 
We found her on eBay. An incredibly talented man restores and paints old Singer Featherweights. 

This is Betty, another beautifully restored Featherweight. She sews like a dream.

This is Maude. She is named after my brother-in-law's Grandmother, Maude Bender. I was visiting my sister last summer when she told me about a "weird little sewing machine" that she had inherited from her husband's grandmother. When she described it, I got very excited because I had a knew it had to be a Featherweight! I was delighted when my sister asked me if I wanted it.

A Few More Treasures 

This is a painting done by a childhood friend's mother. When she passed away, the painting was given to my mother. I inherited it when my mother passed away in January. 

This is the lamp that was in my bedroom when I was growing up. It dates back to the 1950s.

That's me and those are the shoes that I am wearing in the photograph. :-)

Toy sewing machine found in a local antique shop.